Chasing Ghosts Again

Often times we revisit places, trying to capture that initial amazingness we felt while we were there. And most of the time we end up disappointed. Has this ever happened to you?

The Ultimate Guide to Chile

From the snow-capped volcanoes of Patagonia and blistering heights of the Andes to world-class wineries and sculptures of Easter Island, there are a lot of wonderful things to see in Chile!

13 Non-Travel Books That Changed My Life

Last month, I shared some of my recent favorite travel books. This month, I wanted to share the non-travel books that have had the most impact on my life and have made me a better person!

Do you have a favorite book that changed your life? Let me know - I'm always looking for more books to read!

How NOT to Feel Overwhelmed When Trip Planning

In our information-overload society, too many resources can make us feel conflicted and powerless! If you're getting ready to plan a big trip, make sure you read this first!

How to Become an Expert Travel Videographer

There's no denying that video is the future of travel content. If you've ever wanted to make money by creating travel videos, this is for you!

10 facts about Peru that travelers probably won't know

For such a popular destination, I'm surprised I didn't know most of these things!

Why There is No Right Answer in Travel

Websites can provide you with all the practical information in the world so you can weigh the pros and cons, but the final decision rests with you.

How to Be a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation

This is probably the best way to majorly cut your travel expenses!

How to Start a Travel Blog in 6 Easy Steps

After receiving tons of e-mails over the years from people wondering how to set up a travel blog, I wanted to break down the process!

Southeast Asia Travel and Backpacking Tips

Winter is coming. If you're looking to escape the cold, here's how to plan a trip around one of my favorite regions in the world!

Timeline Photos

Hope your weekend is filled with adventures as epic as this one in Rocky Mountain National Park! Thanks community member @joyryde for the photo submission!
You can have one of your photos featured on my IG account for #ForumFridays by submitting any travel-related photo you've taken on the community thread: Come join the community of travel enthusiasts where we share trip advice, have monthly travel trivia (with prizes!), talk all things travel and more!

How to Use the Sharing Economy to Travel on a Budget

Utilizing the sharing economy is definitely my favorite way to travel! This ultimate list of resources will help you save money, connect with locals easier, get off the tourist trail, and see the local pace of life better!

Top Signs You are a Travel Addict

#1. You start all your stories with “When I was in…”

Timeline Photos

The USA definitely has some of the best and most diverse national parks (this view reminds me of some places I visited in Madagascar last month)! Thanks forum member @instakravchuk for sharing this photo from Zion! Where is your favorite national park? ————————————————————
You can have one of your photos featured on my IG account for #ForumFridays by submitting any travel-related photo you've taken on the community thread: Come join the community of travel enthusiasts where we share travel advice, have monthly travel trivia (with prizes), talk all things travel, and more!

The Perfect Prohibition Bar Crawl Through NYC

Warning: This is not a budget-friendly post, but it will make you thirsty!

16 Amazing Photos from Torres Del Paine in Patagonia

Truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

My 9 Favorite Cities in the World

I love these cities so much, I would actually consider moving to one of them! What's your favorite city in the world?

Should You Return to the Places You Love?

Sometimes revisiting your favorite place just doesn’t feel the same, because either you’ve changed or it’s changed. Has this ever happened to you?

(via Never Ending Footsteps)

Embracing Change: Health Scares, Retirement, and Travel

We have such a large community and I love sharing everyone’s inspiring stories! This month we’re featuring Donella and her husband. After her husband had a health scare a few years ago, they decided to stop waiting, finally sell their stuff, and head on the road.

As more and more adults consider a “nomadic” retirement (especially here in the U.S. where it wasn’t always so common), I wanted to interview them and have them share their advice to help anyone who is considering doing the same!

My Ultimate List of Travel Books

I love reading and want to share all the amazing books I read with you in hopes they will inspire you to travel more and live better!

Timeline Photos

Just go! ✈️

How to Spend Three Amazing Days in Helsinki

Helsinki doesn’t get all the press that other Scandinavian cities receive, but it’s still worth a visit!

The Grass is Never Greener

The greatest lesson traveling the world has taught me.

The Insider's Guide to Bangkok on a Budget

Bangkok leaves a lot of travelers unimpressed, but if you get off the tourist trail and out of the main areas, you’ll find a city that is much richer, vibrant, and dynamic than you could ever imagine!

How to Pick the Best Travel Credit Card

This is your gateway to free travel.

The Ultimate Guide to Kyoto

One month until I'm back in Japan! Kyoto gets a lot of hype, but it will definitely live up to all of your expectations.

Vagabonding: The Art of Long-Term World Travel

If long-term travel and backpacking had a bible, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts would be it! Have you read it yet?

In this post, Rolf shares his philosophy on long-term travel, how he became a travel writer and his number one piece of advice for all travelers.

24 Photos from My Safari to Kruger National Park

After six weeks of travel, I am finally back in New York City. I was all over the US, parts of Europe, South Africa, and Madagascar. There’s a lot – A LOT – of new content coming and I’m kicking it off today with an epic photo post from my visit to Kruger National Park. Because who doesn’t love animals, right?

U.S. and Turkey announce tit-for-tat travel restrictions, a sign of deteriorating alliance

Not good news for any Americans planning a trip to Turkey. You essentially can't visit there for the time being. This won't affect anyone transiting through the airports though.

The Business of Travel Blogging - Super Star Blogging

This is how you can turn your blogging dream into a successful reality!

8 Great Alternative Budget Vacation Ideas

These resources will help get you on the road even when you're tight on money and/or time!

How to Spend Three Days Touring San Francisco

Here's the best way to get an overview of San Francisco's highlights during a brief visit! Anything you'd add?

11 Reasons Why I Love Thailand

There's a reason why I've been to Thailand more times than I can count!

How to Travel And Eat Your Way Around the World

One of the best parts about travel is enjoying the various food options around the world! In this article, Jodie from Legal Nomads shares five tried-and-true tips and tricks for discovering the hidden secrets of food wherever you travel!

9 Reasons to Volunteer on Your Trip Overseas

Make the effort to make volunteering a part of your next backpacking trip. You won’t regret it! If you have volunteered abroad, what programs/organizations have you used?

Why Most Travel Tips Are NOT Cutting Edge

Unlike other industries, where giant shifts in technology or thinking fundamentally change the industry, travel is basically travel. Yet there's always something new to share...

How to Spend Four Days in Prague

I'm super excited to be back in Prague leading my last tour group of the year! This city holds a special place in my heart. It was the first city I backpacked through on my round-the-world trip over ten years ago!

Attention English teachers of the world!

If you've taught English in a country other than your own in the last two years, I'd like to interview you. I'm updating my teaching overseas book and want to include some new interviews.

If you've like to share your story and help inspire others to teach overseas, email me at

(And if you have a blog or website, I'm happy to link to that too!)

The Guide to Fearless Solo Female Travel

Whether you’re going away for two weeks, two months, on a girl’s trip, or want to backpack solo, it’s easier – and safer – than you think!

The Ultimate Guide to Gothenburg, Sweden

This city has a much more relaxed feel than Stockholm, making it a great place to slow down and see a different side of Sweden!

How I feel whenever I go to a wedding!! 😂😂😂

Why It's Never the Right Time to Travel

There are ways to get around the obstacles that keep you from traveling... no matter what.

Why Organized Tours Are a Good Option for Travelers

People are usually shocked to hear that I enjoy organized tours, but I actually encourage everyone to take them regardless of how you normally travel! What are some of your favorite tour companies?

From Delhi to Goa: 27 photos that will inspire you to visit India

Have you been to India? I really want to go someday soon!

How to Represent Travel on Your Résumé

What do you do when you come back home? How do you explain the gap in your employment to the hiring person in front of you?

How to Become a Travel Writer

If you're serious about turning your passion for travel writing into a sustainable career, this is for you!

A World of Opportunity (or Why We Travel)

We want to see the world, see something different, see something change.

We all have our reasons for traveling, whats yours?

What I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Tallinn, Estonia

I had mixed feelings about Tallinn. Have you been?

The Ultimate Guide to Montreal

Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America (especially because it reminds me of Europe)! Have you been?