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Timeline Photos

Back in South Africa and heading to Vienna tomorrow. Now that I'm back in the land of good wifi, I'll be posting a ton of new pictures from Madagascar. First up: Me and my new bestie.

If you want to see some past ones, I posted them on Instagram:

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Timeline Photos

I made a new friend in Madagascar! 🦎

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Timeline Photos

Madagascar has been a unique experience. From lush jungles to arid Westworld looking land to waterfalls to lemurs galore and more, this is one beautiful country. It's cheap, the people are nice, and did I mention it's beautiful? I've had some incredible days here.

But it's also a sad place. Corruption and environmental degradation is rife and the poverty is honestly the worst I've seen in all my travels. The people are wonderful but it's heart-wrenching sometimes. I've come across a lot of good local NGOs and will be writing about this side of paradise too. It's not all lemurs and vistas!

Is it Safe for Women to Travel India?

"While travel in India will require heightened attention and common sense, let me assure you it is worth it." - Candace from Moment Catchers

Hungry Residents in ‘Survival Mode’ on U.S. Virgin Islands

Reading the news from Madagascar has been very depressing. Harvey ripped through Texas and Irma ripped through the USVI, BVIs, St, Marteen/Martin, and lots of other islands.

The Virgin Islands are especially heart breaking for me because I spent a lot of time there in 2015 and it holds a big place in my heard. It's heartbreaking to read about the sheer level of destruction that has befallen my fellow citizens. Pretty much all of St. Johns and St. Thomas are destroyed.

I don't know of many resources to help these places but here are a couple of organizations local friends have recommended and that I've donated too.

The East Texas Dream Center:
The Montgomery County Animal Shelter:
VI Strong:

If you know of any local organizations, please feel free to add any to the comment section.

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The 2017 Reader Survey: How am I Doing?

Greetings from Madagascar! Today I went chasing waterfalls, found a cool swimming pools, and watched lemurs try to steal stuff from my bag!

While I'm here, I would like to ask a favor: I'm doing my annual reader survey to get an idea of what is going right, wrong, and what can be improved on the website.

The survey will only take five minutes to complete and will really help me improve the website.Your feedback would greatly be appreciated! I'll take none of it personally. I'm here to be the best website for you!

So, please, tell me how I'm doing!.

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Timeline Photos

It takes a while to get around Madagascar because the roads are so terrible. There are no highways here, just winding dirt (sometimes paved) roads. Sometimes 250km can take up to 7 hours. I don't mind the long drives though because I get to read and stare at views like this.

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Timeline Photos

Beautiful views at Blyde Canyon in South Africa, the third largest canyon in the world and the largest green canyon. It's a good stop on the way to or from Kruger. Could stare out at this view for hours!